Saturday, March 24, 2012

The ABC's of Me!

My friend, Courtney, did this A-Z post recently where I learned more about her, so I decided to do the same for you! Here are 26 things you can learn about the girl behind kiss, laugh, & dream.

A is for age: 24 - I just had my birthday!
B is for breakfast: Popcorn today since I saw "The Hunger Games" at 10:30am! Healthy, right?
C is for currently craving: Sweets, like always. If you couldn’t already tell by the fact that all the recipes I have posted are desserts, I have a definite sweet tooth.
D is for dinner tonight: Making homemade baked pickles! And having a huge salad to accompany it.
E is for favorite type of exercise: Ballet! I’m so excited to start back again. I used to dance >20 hours a week until I got completely burnt out my senior year of high school. Since then, I haven’t taken more than a handful of classes and I miss it so much! It’s on my 20 in 2012 list, not only for health benefits, but for my sanity.
F is for irrational fear: I feel like all my fears are rational (heights, snakes, etc)...
G is for gross food: I never in a million years thought I'd like Thai or Indian food, but in the last year I've had both and love them! Now, if only my friends/family would jump on the bandwagon too I could eat it more often. 
H is for hometown: I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA.
I is for something important: Preventative medicine. I've done one post about this, but I plan on doing it more often because I think it's very important to prevent disease rather than wait to develop it and treat after the fact.
J is for current favorite jam: Snow Patrol – Called Out In The Dark
K is for kids: Someday (when I’m much, much older!).
L is for current location: Living in Austin, TX.
M is for the most recent way you spent money: Got my hair cut and bought a few new beauty products when I went to Ulta yesterday for my free birthday brow wax
N is for something you need: Love, friends, family.
O is for occupation: Physician Assistant, but while I’m waiting on my medical license, I’m working at a restaurant.
P is for pet peeve: When people are late. I tend to be early all the time, so it doesn't make sense to me when people are late everywhere.
Q is for a quote: My favorite quote from "The Hunger Games" trilogy. I laughed out loud when Finnick said this in Mockingjay. :)
R is for random fact about you: I'm ridiculously organized. I not only have a paper calendar, but I also have a calendar on my phone connected to an online calendar. I map out most days to the last minute.
S is for favorite healthy snack: Hummus...yum!
T is for favorite treat: French Vanilla Cake Cookies! Delicious…
U is for something that makes you unique: I have a grey streak of hair that I've had my entire life. 
V is for favorite vegetable: There aren't many vegetables I don't like, but broccoli is probably my favorite.
W is for today’s workout: Nothing today. It's the weekend!
X is for X-rays you’ve had: I know I’ve had a few chest x-rays since I had pneumonia in high school and pleurisy during PA school. I’ve had x-rays of my knees and probably other joints because of dance injuries. Nothing recent though (knock on wood!).
Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Took ballet for the first time in ages! 
Z is for your time zone: Lived my whole life in the Eastern time zone, but now in the Central time zone. Still adjusting to that, for sure.

I'd like to know more about you too! Do this same post on your blog, and let me know the link in the comments!


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