Monday, January 16, 2012

20 in 2012

In 2012, I will...

1. Get my own apartment (for the first time ever!). 
2. Start taking ballet again!  
3. Pass the boards. DONE! I am officially a PA-C!
4. Make a realistic budget to pay off school loans in a reasonable amount of time.
5. Start my career!
6. Take more pictures to improve my photog hobby.
7. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.
8. Read at least 30 books this year.
9. Get a sewing machine and start sewing!
10. Call friends (not just texting or Facebook)!
11. Start a Spanish course to learn conversational and medical Spanish.
12. Grow my hair long enough to do all the beautiful hairstyles on Pinterest, especially this one. Oh! And this one! :)
13. Cut coupons before every grocery trip.
14. Wear sunscreen DAILY, because it's easier to prevent signs of aging than it is to reverse them.
15. Drink water throughout the day, every day.
16. Read medical journals the day they come in the mail.
17. Make more meals/baked goods/crafts.
18. Listen to my heart.
19. Have fun!
20. Be happy!

I made a lot of goals that can't be crossed off until December...bummer. Here's to a great year!

1 comment:

  1. I think you'll manage to accomplish all of these with ease and you can start by making some blondies. :-)



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