Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Freebies!

Today's my birthday!!

And who doesn't love FREE stuff on their birthday? Here's a few different things I signed up for ahead of time to enjoy free food and gifts on my special day. 

FREE pretzel at Auntie Anne's

FREE ice cream cone from Marble Slab Creamery

25% off from Payless
(Scroll to bottom of page & enter your email!)

FREE rental code from Redbox
(Scroll to bottom of home page & enter your email!)

$50 off at Rent The Runway
(Just sign up like normal.)

FREE sandwich from Schlotzsky's 

FREE drink, CreamSlush or tater tots from Sonic

FREE drink from Starbucks

50 FREE Swagbucks on your birthday

FREE eyebrow wax at certain Ulta salons

 FREE sandwich from Which Wich

Isn't it just beautiful? Here's a huge list of even more birthday freebies from The Frugal Girls! About half of these also came with a bonus/coupon when I signed up!

Oh, and The Hunger Games comes out this weekend. OMG I'm so excited! Happy birthday to me! Katniss & Peeta in the arena, the cave scene, Cinna, Effie, unbelievably excited. Bring. it. on.


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