Monday, May 28, 2012

Life List

Bucket lists sound so morbid, but a life list? I like the sound of that. Here are 50 events I want to accomplish during my lifetime. I had so much fun making this list that I might even add 50 more. I am only 24. There have got to be 50+ more things to do over the next 60-80 years. :-)

1. Pay off all of my loans.
2. Get married.
3. Become a mother.
4. Get my own place.
5. Help deliver a baby.
6. Buy a house.
7. Go to Europe.
8. Speak Spanish fluently.
9. Make something with a sewing machine.
10. Watch the Top 50 movies on this list or this list.
11. Fall in love.
12. Go to Mexico.
13. Go to Vegas again now that I'm of age.
14. See the Disney Christmas parade in person.
15. Save more than I spend on a grocery trip.
16. Have a celebrity respond to me on Twitter.
17. Win a blog giveaway. 
18. Reach 100+ followers on my blog.
19. Perform on stage again.
20. Close a surgical case alone.
21. Spend an entire holiday helping others.
22. Graduate from college.
23. Come up with a recipe from scratch.
24. Visit all 50 states.
25. Have a picture I've taken published.
26. Be interviewed for a newspaper article.
27. Watch my brothers graduate from college.
28. Go an entire week without getting in a car.
29. Spend an entire day with my TV, phone, and computer off.
30. Go to a drive-in movie.
31. Kiss in the rain.
32. See a live taping of one of my favorite shows.
33. See a show on Broadway.
34. See ABT and NYC Ballet perform.
35. Swim in every ocean.
36. Stay in a penthouse hotel room.
37. Go to a Virginia Tech bowl game.
38. Go camping.
39. Ride in a hot air balloon.
40. Ride in a helicopter.
41. Perform CPR.
42. Learn to play an instrument.
42. Perform in a flash mob.
43. Stay in Cinderella's Suite in Disney World.
44. Go on a cruise.
45. Go skiing/snowboarding.
46. Golf 18 holes.
47. Sing in public. (I can't decide if karaoke counts...)
48. Go on a date while wearing no makeup.
49. Buy a car with only my money.
50. Live in a foreign country.

Linking up with Lovely Little Things for her Smell The Roses challenge to make a bucket life list! 
Lovely Little Things


  1. I like the term "life list." Bucket lists are for older people. And as for number 50 on your list, it is amazing.

  2. I love so many of the things on this list! I'm right there with you with trying to reach 100 followers. I would also LOVE to see the Christmas Disney Parade. Fun!

  3. Love the list! Always am inspired when I see someone else's Life List

  4. This is awesome. I need to start one of my own.




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