Friday, May 11, 2012

Blogging Fun!

As I mentioned before, I participated in the awesome Coffee Mug Swap over at Suzels Says! I was paired up with Jami over at Somewhat Domesticated and received my package last week!

P.S. Jami is awesome, so you should definitely check out her blog. :)

Not only did Jami send me a beautiful peacock coffee mug, she also sent some tea which I have yet to try (but will soon!) and cookie butter which I have been putting on everything.

I enjoyed this blogger swap so much that I've decided to participate in another one!

Danielle at Famed Frosting has put together a Secret Blogger Swap! It's kind of like Secret Santa. I love finding new blogs & this is such a great way to do just that!

Sign up by May 11th if you want to join in!


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  2. So glad you liked you mug & treats! Swapping mugs was so much fun :-)

  3. I found you on #FF Link up & I just wanted to say that I'm doing both swaps too! I'm waiting on my coffee mug but so excited! So great that your partner sent you tea and cookie butter! I keep hearing about it and so excited to stop at Trader Joe's for it. & I'm so excited for the secret blogger swap!

    I'm excited to follow your posts!

    - Cynthia



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