Monday, July 16, 2012

Never Have I Ever - Part 1

Remember that game you used to play with all your friends? And how proud you were when you won? This is kind of like that!

Here are FIVE things I've never done that most people have. 

1. Gone camping - 
Maybe I'm a little high maintenance. I like air conditioning, sleeping in a bed, and not having to fend for myself in the woods. My ex tried to take me camping, but unfortunately? fortunately? we broke up before that happened. I dodged that bullet...

This couple looks way too happy to be camping.
2. Pulled an all-nighter - 
Nope. Never done it. Not through high school, college, or grad school. Not for fun. Not for studying. I like my sleep too much.

3. Tried a cigarette - 

4. Visited NYC or Cali - 
I will eventually, just see here. :)

5. Gotten fired from a job - 
Excuse me while I go knock on wood so this won't happen today.

What have you never done that most people have? 

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  1. Trust me, you aren't missing anything when it comes to camping! I used to attempt to go with my outdoorsman husband and we'd end up packing up around midnight because it was too hot or I couldn't sleep. :D

  2. Like you, I have never tried smoking, but where I really surprise everyone is that I have never had a carbonated beverage in my life. I have never tried anything bubbly; no soda, no beer, no champagne. Ever.
    Ha not because I am a health nut {which is people's assumption} but its because it doesn't look good to me.

    Hope your weekend was great!!

  3. haha the camping thing cracked me up... the hubs gets one camping trip a year -- that's it! And if he knows whats good for him he won't make me go, because let's just say I am very good at whining! :)

  4. CUTE blog!! NEW FOLLOWER! From Texas Bloggers!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

    Hope you stop by and stay a while!

  5. New to your blog and love it! I love the all nighter chart! So funny and true!

  6. I did not realize you lived in Austin! We need to meet up!!! I feel like we are a dime a dozen! And I have never been to NYC either! It is on my list to do soon!!! Fun post!

  7. I've also never been fired from a job! Although, my parents took me camping so much when I was younger, that I basically never want to go again! ^^; I've had enough sleeping in the cold, mattresses that DEflate in the middle of the night, and 5 hour long hikes to last me a lifetime. ;)

    Melissa @ Melicious



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