Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest Post on KLD!

Remember when I did my first guest post last week on Chalk in The Rain? Remember when I told you to keep an eye out for Allyce's guest post here on KLD? Well, I wasn't lying! Allyce is a great blogger. I look forward to every one of her posts. Hope you check her out!

Hey readers of Kiss, Laugh & Dream!
My name is Allyce and I blog over at Chalk in the Rain!
Come check out my blog and say hi!
I'd LOVE to have you!

Today you'll get a glimpse of who I am through a link-up that was birthed at Chalk in the Rain.
Seriously, I have the most fun when I share with you the little pieces that make up me.
They're a blast to write...but even better to reread later!
 What You Didn't Know is basically a culmination of random facts that most of the human population wouldn't typically know about you.
That's it.

The backseat of my car is ALWAYS a horrendous mess.

Winter Coat, School bag, Time magazine, Kleenex, Matt's undershirt (and not why you think!), tic-tacs...the list literally goes on.

I know there's a simple solution for this... and it's called Taking My Crap Inside.
But the problem with that is if I did clean out my car then I wouldn't have a #1 then would I? 

I own a Blog Planner and I think it's dang cute + very handy!

I plan out my blog posts...
guest posts...
organize e-mail addresses/blog addresses/names/and their social security numbers.
I'm actually a real-life identity thief to those who sponsor my blog.
I Kid.
 I have a hard enough time remembering my own #

I'm PROUD to say that I can bust out all the Just Dance 3 choreography to "Party Rock Anthem", "Gonna Make You Sweat" and "Forget You" anytime...anywhere.  
You name it.
[Which includes while driving.]
Happened last night.
I'm actually quite surprised I don't get pulled over for reckless driving.
Like I'm back in high school again...
But no.

I'm a teacher.
"Mature" 26 year old married lady.
I thought I'd grow out of the "dancing while driving" thing by now...
Guess some things never change.

I absolutely love my 3rd graders this year.  
Some of the things my students say just blows my mind, makes me laugh, and sometimes makes me cry.
For example:
Today one of the girls in my class came up to me after lunch and said, "Mrs. Cripe, I think you look GREAT today!"  seriously. made. my. entire. day. 

Yesterday a boy showed me how he can make a machine gun sound with his mouth.  
He continued to do it ALL day.  It was cute. I didn't mind.
It doesn't take much at all to make me smile :)

So maybe a 1st grader recommended an iPhone app to me...
And maybe I downloaded it...
And maybe I can't stop playing it.
DARN it, 1st grader.
Temple Run:  You rule.

Gillette Men's Razors got it right!
I ditched my woman's disposable razor a few days ago and picked up my hubby's Gillette razor.
Um...did you know there's an extra blade on a men's disposable razor compared to a woman's?  
And they're meant for more sensitive skin??
Ladies...ditch your cute pink razor and snag up your mans.
Oh...but ladies, be SURE to alert your man that you're snagging his razor...just trust me on this!
My skin doesn't feel like they're on fire anymore...

I'm one of those weirdos who get excited about seeing celestial stuff  [aka planets, meteor showers, shooting stars] at night.
So excited that I posted a picture of Jupiter & Venus with the moon on Facebook.
Nerd alert.
 Jupiter is tough to see, but it's there.  I don't make this stuff up.

I believe 2 showers a day takes the stress away :)
Seriously, showers are my cure all to a crazy day.
My rules say take a shower at anytime of the many times a day.
2 is really the magic number.
Shower #1:  Your ritual shower.  The mandatory one. You know the drill. 
Shower #2:  Your pampering shower.  The "not so mandatory" but luxurious one.  This one is meant to wash the day's dirt off my face, shave the legs, then get out and paint the toenails.
[according to me...everyone needs Shower #2 @ least 3x a week]

I hate STRONGLY DISLIKE voicemail.

I'd much prefer a million texts over one voicemail.
If you call me and leave a voicemail it will be DAYS until I check it and get back to you.
There's no reason behind this.
It just is.
Text me if you want me to call you.
nuff said.

Welp, there you have it!
Now I'd consider us bff's.
Check out my blog to read more of these posts!

If you'd like to join in: 
grab the button above & link back to me on your blog! :)
Thanks so much to Allyce! Now, go follow her blog!
Are you interested in doing a guest blog here on kiss, laugh & dream? Would you like me to guest post on your blog? Email me or leave a comment here!

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  1. I love that you have a special planner for your blog! That is so super organised! I really should consider doing that, but I know I'd probably never remember to update the darn thing and it would sit on my desk gathering dust and feeling sorry for itself. :P

    Too cute about your student and the machine gun noises! You're much more tolerant than me though - I think I would have gone mad after about ten minutes!

    Found your link on the #FF list! :)



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