Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY Kindle Case

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As you know, I bought a Kindle and am completely in love with it. I wanted to buy a case for it, but had a really hard time finding anything less than $30-50. I'm pretty cheap frugal, and couldn't make myself spend that much to protect a $79 device. I instead decided to make my own.

My particular Kindle is 4.5x6.5 inches, so when I happened to find an old 5x7 inch photo album in my house (which also had a magnetic closure strap) I was thrilled! 

Step One: I ripped out all the photo sleeves keeping the spine intact. 
Step Two: Then, I added a ribbon & button w/ hot glue to add a little flair.
Step Three: Lastly, I attached the Kindle to the inside with picture hanging command strips.

I chose to use command strips because they are sturdy and I trust them not to leave a sticky residue when I remove them. I also went with the picture hanging ones because they have a locking mechanism (like Velcro) so I would have the flexibility to remove my Kindle at any time and then place it back in the case easily. 

Photo album: $3.19 (the exact one I used is available here.)
Command strips: $4.29 for 8 at Target
Decorations (optional): $??
= <$10 for a sturdy, protective Kindle case!

Do you have a case for your e-reader? Did you make your own or buy one?


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