Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What My 20s Have Taught Me So Far

Two of my regular blog reads, fairytales are true and The Girl That Sings, started series entitled "What My Twenties Have Taught Me". I loved reading every single post by these ladies and they made me think about what my twenties have taught me so far.

I've learned a lot about love in my twenties. I've learned what I want out of a relationship, and what I don't want. Most of the lessons I've learned have unfortunately been due to bad relationships or dating guys who were actually not that into me.


I'm 24 and single.
I've been in love.
I've had my heart broken.
I've played hard to get.
I've given my phone number to guys I had no intention of dating.
I've had fun.
I've gotten my hopes up.
All in all, I've learned from each and every one of these experiences and don't regret a thing.


I know one day I'll find my prince charming, perfect match, soul mate, other pea in the pod. I've learned in my twenties that I'm worth it and not just any guy deserves my love.


Each quote without a reference was made by me with PicMonkey taken from one of my favorite reads, and another from a favorite show. 


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